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VLE Conditions of Use

Below are the terms and conditions of use for the College’s VLE. If users do not agree to be bound by them, they should cease using the VLE and notify the College’s Academic Manager.

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1.         Users accessing the VLE from non-College owned equipment (such as mobile phones or personal laptops) and users accessing the VLE from outside College premises (such as their home or workplace) are bound by the same conditions of use.

2.         Access to course information and resources on the VLE are controlled by user permissions. Users should log into the VLE with their own user account and never share their password or allow another user to access the VLE under their account.

3.         Users should not attempt to access areas of the VLE which are not granted by their user permissions.

4.         Users should keep physical access to the VLE secure.  For example, they must not login to the VLE and then leave their computer or device unattended.



5.         When using VLE messaging or activities (such as assignment submission, chat rooms, forums, etc.) users are prohibited from transmitting or uploading any words, pictures or documents which are libellous, insulting, and abusive or would otherwise contravene the College’s Expectations of Conduct.

6.         Users should be aware that information sent through the VLE may be read by third parties, and so should exercise caution if posting personal or sensitive information to any part of the VLE including to their profile, blogs, or any course activities.

7.         Users must not upload material which contains viruses or other programs which may disrupt the College’s systems.

8.         The College may place links to useful websites on the VLE to help students with their studies. The College cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of external sites.

9.         Access to the VLE is tied to registration on a particular programme. When access is withdrawn, the College will not take responsibility for any resulting loss of information which was previously posted by the user.


Data collection and protection

10.      Student data is collected, managed and used in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Activities on the VLE are fully audited. Records are kept of when users access courses and resources along with a log of all communications such as forum posts, messaging, assignment submissions, etc. These records are available to the College for academic purposes, but may also be used as a point of reference for any matters arising, such as an investigation into a breach of the College’s Code of Conduct.

11.      Student VLE data is stored by the College for up to six months after the end of their final academic year.

12.      When the College place information onto the VLE they are acknowledging that they are making it available for download, and therefore we cannot guarantee that such resources will not be seen by/distributed to third parties.